The Ultimate Solution For Hungry Shark World That You Can Learn About Today

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Hungry Shark World is the official sport established by Ubisoft that is said to be the successor of the first Hungry Shark Evolution established years ago.

With the era comes new features. Among the amazing features you can appreciate with the Hungry Shark World is that one can explore several oceans of the world.

Another attribute is the Mega Gold Rush. This can be similar to the Gold Rush that you have always enjoyed in Hungry Shark Evolution. If you need to enter the Mega Gold Rush session, then you have to eat just as much as you can while you are playing in the standard gold rush. When compared with the standard gold hurry, the Mega Gold Rush gives better multipliers for the participant and permits you to eat any shark regardless of the size. It lasts longer too.

You will be amazed with the shark selection offered in the sport too. But that is not true at all. The programmers have studied their craft and dedicated to creating sharks that exist in real life. These sharks have seven distinct abilities, measurements, and strengths.

This match is not just an easy feeding Cheat for Hungry Shark World frenzy. You will be acquiring missions when you perform the match. It’s up to you whether or not you will take the assignment offered to you personally. Through these missions, you will have the capacity to examine your planning abilities along with hone your capturing skills.

You can play liven up with your shark. What this means is that one can customize the fin and even a-DD tail add-ons to your own shark. These are properly-thought-out add-ons that’ll make your shark trendier than your friend’s shark.

This addictive fast paced sport will definitely give you a brand-new experience that is certainly worth your time. Better games console graphics, epic enemies, multiple degrees what more can you request?

Contest of Champions: The new big game

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marvel contest

It’s extremely entertaining and addictive. In order for one to take pleasure in the game you need a few tricks up your sleeve. The following are the strategies you may use to win the game:

Make great use of the category bonus

It is important to build your staff with class edge as the stages become more challenging. The class bonus aids in giving one more damage to the edge side and reducing the drawback side by lowering the harm. This can also be done with the  marvel contest of champions cheats tool. It’s super awesome.

marvel contest

Be well versed with all the crystal currency system

This affirms you of a-2 star hero or perhaps a possibility of getting a more powerful one.

Below is a run down of the offerings:

Avoid button mashing to passing

This really is not an intelligent move as a form of scheme is needed. Use your dodging and blocking as an alternative. Remember that it is advisable to save your power as the victor in your team can-not regain between fights.

Daily crystal- the daily claim gives you an edge of getting at least a 1 star and utmost a 3-star hero.

Arena Event Ranking Wages- at occasions there are offerings for honoring top players. They can be given powerful heroes. The requirements needed count on the event it is therefore crucial to make certain a boost of your heroes for their qualification for special benefits.

Arena lead crystal- a win in the arena fights awards you stadium processors. These processors are used in the purchase of a real stadium crystal.

You may think of selling your low rated heroes. It is a poor choice because there are definite occasions that need one to make use of the low graded heroes. You can even rotate through them every day-to raise your amount of the stadium crystals.

Use as many heroes as easy for live player versus player matches

It’s an excellent idea to make use of as many players as you can during the live matches as you need extra moves for the competitor. Use 2 star rated heroes and above for your possibility of winning.

Beef up your group by re playing quests that have been previously completed whenever they can be feeble

That is essential just in case your champs are too weak for demanding quests. It’s wise to take an additional quest that is branched off of other missions once your staff is up to level. This really is because you’ll find bonuses awarded.

Flash Video Games vs. HTML5 Games

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The firstly factor is that flash video games aren’t typically produced cellular phone. This is the terrible fact that few people even take into consideration. A range of people anticipate that as soon as you get a wireless telephone, for instance, an iPhone or something relative, you can get to any amusement you searching for. Unfortunately, you cannot usually do that. You simply have a limited area and various video games need the growth of flash applications bearing in mind completion objective to work such as they should. That merely implies even more awaiting you. Moreover, in case you remain in a zone with littler services for your cellular gadgets, you will not have the ability to have access to that application at all.

The 2nd factor is- you can bring your game with you despite where you are. The idea of having your most enjoyed HTML5 diversion with you any location you go is a dream for various people. Everything you searching for is just a program and web access. Likewise, now with growth of complimentary mobile video gaming choices, you can have your game with you all over. Normally, you simply are needed to download the video game of your option when and play it just about anywhere without the searching for web connection. The French Clash Royale Astuce is a great example for this.

The 3rd factor is that HTML5 video games are usually totally free and do not cost you even a cent. This is deemed the very best part usually to players. Flexible HTML5 video gaming options that the majority of instructional video game advancement business in India offer are typically complimentary. There may be a modest lot that cost a dollar or thereabouts, nevertheless; those video games tend to be the very best in class. The manner in which you have the option of a terrific numerous complimentary amusements is amazing. This indicates your very own game can be a huge one.

The 4th factor is that there is more comprehensive scope of amusements to play online. As an outcome of the prominence of tablets, moved telephones as well as e-Readers, there are big quantities of totally free game video gaming on the internet. Likewise more leisures are included day by day to satisfy each imaginable video gaming require you have. The 5th factor is that it’s just more enjoyable and much less requiring than whatever other option exists.

Why burn through money on twinkle video gaming when HTML5 amusements provide the exact same nature of enjoyment without the extra push or expense. You do not need to quit enjoyable anymore because complimentary outright video gaming options are a lot more pleasurable to play any method. As ought to be evident, there are big quantities of reasons that playing HTML5 video games is the much better option for you. In the light of all these factors, the need for skilled Flash to HTML5 services is constantly increasing.

Why Gamer Girls Ruin Gaming

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I myself am a gamer girl, so I think it is pretty wierd to be a girl in this huge crowd of boys sometimes. Sometimes we get harrashed a lot, but most of the time we just get too much attention. I cannot even play Minecraft today without a guy drops a diamond sword in front of me. Therefore, I have lately not told people that I am a a girl, which is something that I had good results with. It is simply undoable to live as a girl in this huge crowd of boys without getting all this attention. Now trust me, there are a lot of girls out there that really like this fame. And uses it very much to their adventage. Here I would like to point out that I do not like KaceyTron and she is really abusing the fact that she is a woman. And I do not really like that to be honest. well, I just found this video about girls gamers, and I cannot agree more. I even met one yesterday while playing the games! 😛

Please tell me what you thought about it mates. Cya soon

Will The Witcher 3 Ever Be Released

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The witcher 3

As GameSpot says in this article, The Witcher 3 release date has been delayed once again! Several months after the deveolopers promised the deadlines would not be pushed further.

The witcher 3

I there is nothing I hate more than when deveolopers decide to postphone their game releases. We as gamers sit here so hyped and ready to play the game. However, the deveolopers have not released the material. I know several friends of mine that were planning a overnighter where they were supposed to only play The Withcer 3 in the hunt of becoming one of the top ranked players. However, this does not seem like it will be a responsibiliity. I have even heard so far that several people had booked a whole month off just to play this fantastic and spicy new upcoming game. BUT, they sadly wasted this one week, and will be working at their jobs at the release of the Witcher.

Will this reduce the playerbase?

Well sometimes we have seen it where games seemed to reach more hype after seeing these kind of bad news. It is incredible, isn’t it? – Well now that we think of it the games actually gain more hype and more people notice it when it is being mentioned everywhere in the news. So some conspiracies actually believe that they postphoned the game just to get some more players and money out of it.

What is your opinion?

STEAM – Genius or Gaming Killer

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I have a couple of times in my blog posts already written what I think about it when  1 game deveoloper, or one company rules against the other, and in that way has no competition in the end. This is exactly how I feel about Steam today. I really think that the idea behind Steam is wonderful, and to be honest there is a reason why they are dominating the market within their niche. The one thing that just annoys me about it is that they do not have enough competitors. And if we analyze the changes of the Steam gaming platform 2 years back til now, we can obviously see how this has went. There have been close to no new inventions for the Steam platform, and this is a huge issue in my opinion. This is honestly pretty smart of them because they have a succesfull business up and running, so why work towards something new?

Comeon Ubisoft!


Yes, you might not believe this, but there are in fact competitors against Steam. One of them is Origin. It origined and was created by ea sports who are the deveolopers of a lot of games, and are the creators behind the popular football Fifa series. So tthey do not give enough competition to Steam. Now why is this?  This solely comes down to their bad way to drive business, Origin has horrible support, and why should you even bother getting Origin when Steam has all the good games. So what comes to my conclusion is that those big game deveolopers cannot be beaten. A big phenomen would have to occur in order for this to happen.

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Social Wars The Best Facebook Game Of All Time

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I have been trying out a lot of Facebook games lately to try and find one that livs up to my quality requirements. I tried Ninja Wars, Candy crush and so many more but the honest truth is just that they suck. I honestly did not like them that much, so I decided to try out a game that my friend had suggested me. I did not really wanna try it at first, because it honestly looked quite so crappy. But nevertheless I ended up trying it out, and I gotta be honest: I totally enjoy the game. It is called Social Wars, and is a sandbox game where you have endless possibilites, and so many options to become one of the best. Just imagine yourself clash of clans but with so many more epic features, and you will not have to spend as much time as you usually would.

The Social Wars Gameplay

I think the gameplay is quite so different from so many other games. I am not completely sure if Social Wars is a MMORPG or a real game. But nevertheless, the game is amazing. I just sat there for hours and before I knew, I had been there for a very long time. I was so interested in the game that I even forgot giving food to my cat. The gameplay is about you as a warrior that has to defend your base and expand as much as you can, you will then have to go for the enemies. Now when you get to them, you have to slaughter them like good old times. However, the process can take a very long time, so I managed to find something that makes everything so much more faster and smooth. It is called a game tool for Social Wars. I use this one tool for Social Wars, It allows me to get Social Wars resources. You can check it out here: Social Wars Cheat.

Only Gamers Will Know

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I myself have a girlfriend, and it really makes me laugh when I find some things funny when she doesn’t really get what I am laughing at. It reminded me that sometimes there are just things that only us gamers really understand. This can be seen in the video I have attached below.

Never Get Disconnected Again – Get Rid Of DDOS Issues

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We have all tired it, haven’t we We play our favorite video games, when all of a sudden things start to freeze. No matter how much you click on the screen, your game charcter will not move. Then finally after half a minute, something seems to happen. You get met with the usual You have been disconnected to the game, please try reconning. The most annoying thing about this situation is that you have nothing to do in order to prevent this once it has happened. The hacker knows your IP address, and he can potentially fry your internet for weeks. Sometimes, calling the ISP provider can be a fix to this problem, but then there are also those ISP’s that just do not seem to do as you want, and will not change your ip for you. Now this means that you will sit there, and not be able to use the internet. In 2014, this is a very big issue, since you cannot really have a normal day without being connected to various websites. So question is how do we get along with this Are we just supposed to accept it as it is, or actually do something about it


Well let me tell you that there are hundreds of companies, citizen, gamers and normal people like you, that suffer from this every second. And yes, there is in fact various solutions to your problem. So in order to prevent DDOS attacks, we need to hide our IP addresses as much as possible. There are hundreds of programs that leak your IP without knowledge. For example Skype. Skype is the most common reason for hackers getting acces to your IP address. It is a very popular communication program, but with use of a simple website, hackers can discover your IP address in just a few seconds. So all it takes for them to break your connection is your IP address.
h2How to succesfully hide your IPh2
There are many ways to go around hiding your IP however, my favorite one is the use of proxies. You can get proxies from, which is my favorite place to get them. Below I have created a little step to step guide, on how to get started with hiding your IP address from greedy hackers.

  1. Buy a proxy
  2. Locate the programs that make use of your IP
  3. Insert your proxy into your program
  4. Succes!

And there you just see how easy it can be to avoid getting ddosed, and what it takes to make your internet experience much more stable and smooth.