Why I love Reddit

I really love reddit! It is an awesome place, and you just never get tired of it. I sometime get so addicted to it that I cannot go to bed, because I am so hyped about a new Reddit post or news. Thing about Reddit is that it is so goddamn unique, and it can have a lot of different material on the site. This is something very special about Reddit, and that is that EVERYONE likes him. Reddit is such a good guy, and you get the content you are looking for. No matter if you are looking for flowers, gaming, food, recipes or something different, you will never be surprised. All it simply takes to find what you are looking for is to browse subreddits related to your topic. Say that you are looking for content regarding to League of Legends which is one of the most popular video games in history, what you will have to do is just to find a subreddit related to this. This can very simply be done using the SubReddit search function to find your desired Reddit, and start posting, sharing or view other contributors articles. One word that I can also put on Reddit is that it is a site established on democracy. The power of democracy means that users can vote wheter or not they liked this post. Now a post will rank in the reddit depending on the votes it has received. If you make such a quality upload that everyone likes, that I can tell you that you will soon see your reddit post on the frontpage on your subreddit, or even the front page of Reddit! Now reaching the front page of Reddit is something that is VERY hard to achieve, and is something that most people will never achieve. Now I have once been top 5 on the Reddit frontpage, and I can tell you: Most sites that reach the frontpage of Reddit start crashing, because they are not used to this huge amounts of traffic.

Are democracy ruled sites the way to go on the Internet?

We hear and see it more and more nowadays. We hear that democracy is a good way to establish communities. The key to this is that everyone has their input and can change things. Instead of just being a few people that can rule. Now this is generally really strong for ruling countries, and ever since democracy has become a popular part of european countries, the amount of war activity has vastly decreased in european countries. So the question is just, are these democracy systems supposed to be on websites? And I would like to say that I do not believe all pages should use this, but for the most part, this really makes up for a strong community where everyone feel like they can change something.


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Reddit was establish in 2006

Is a PS4 jailbreak a reality?



It is here. The Playstation 4 has now soon been around for a few months, and it has been a blast having one in my room. The console itself is really really good and it is very fun to use. However, sometimes I just need some more features for my ps4. Now with the iPhone you have jailbreaking, and so you did with the playstation 3. But for the Playstation 4 we do not have any jailbreak yet. Now that is really a shame for most of us gamers because, we as gamers love the part of customizing our things. We hunt and grind just to reach that one little achivement because it allows us to customize. And that is sadly a thing where game companies have gone wrong in the past. We are all being given consoles, but we do not have any influence on deveolping our own games, coding or just doing basic modifications for our device. And this is not yet possible. Sony even claims that this is something that will never be possible because of the antijailbreak system that they have specifically inveted in their new Playstation 4. So what is even the reason behind getting a ps4 if you have no ability to jailbreak this device?

A team has already come up with the first Ps4 Jailbreak ever! Now this is something I at first was very sketchy about. But this one actually appears to be working. I am running him on my Playstation 4 right now, and I gotta say. This really comes with a bunch of nice features. I can definitely recommend this Jailbreak.

The whole new Binding of Isac universe

binding of isaac


THE NEW BINDING OF ISAAC IS OUT! I have been waiting for this moment for so long: to see that the Binding Of isaac: Rebirth has finally been released. I really think this is one of the biggest indie games that has been ever created, and if not the best one ever released. The original Binding Of isaac resulted in thousands of sales, and the most popular indie game of all time. The game is about running around as Isaac who is a child that is trying to escape his mother that is following him, and wants to kill him. What Isaac does is that he jumps into a basement, and therefrom you have to battle your way to become so strong, and avoid mom.

Rebirth itself is a revamp of the original game. With this edition you will be amazed by how far the deveolopers took the game. The graphics have been improved a lot, and the game itself feels much more smooth than before. Also new challenges have been added, and they are definitely fun to try and beat! I myself have done a few challenges and I have finally regained that feeling of playing Binding of Isaac just as it was a new game. I can definitely recommend this game to everyone, and it is a must have in your Steam account.