Why Gamer Girls Ruin Gaming

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I myself am a gamer girl, so I think it is pretty wierd to be a girl in this huge crowd of boys sometimes. Sometimes we get harrashed a lot, but most of the time we just get too much attention. I cannot even play Minecraft today without a guy drops a diamond sword in front of me. Therefore, I have lately not told people that I am a a girl, which is something that I had good results with. It is simply undoable to live as a girl in this huge crowd of boys without getting all this attention. Now trust me, there are a lot of girls out there that really like this fame. And uses it very much to their adventage. Here I would like to point out that I do not like KaceyTron and she is really abusing the fact that she is a woman. And I do not really like that to be honest. well, I just found this video about girls gamers, and I cannot agree more. I even met one yesterday while playing the games! 😛

Please tell me what you thought about it mates. Cya soon

Why Reddit Is The Best Place On The Internet

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I really love reddit! It is an awesome place, and you just never get tired of it. I sometime get so addicted to it that I cannot go to bed, because I am so hyped about a new Reddit post or news. Thing about Reddit is that it is so goddamn unique, and it can have a lot of different material on the site. This is something very special about Reddit, and that is that EVERYONE likes him. Reddit is such a good guy, and you get the content you are looking for. No matter if you are looking for flowers, gaming, food, recipes or something different, you will never be surprised. All it simply takes to find what you are looking for is to browse subreddits related to your topic. Say that you are looking for content regarding to League of Legends which is one of the most popular video games in history, what you will have to do is just to find a subreddit related to this. This can very simply be done using the SubReddit search function to find your desired Reddit, and start posting, sharing or view other contributors articles. One word that I can also put on Reddit is that it is a site established on democracy. The power of democracy means that users can vote wheter or not they liked this post. Now a post will rank in the reddit depending on the votes it has received. If you make such a quality upload that everyone likes, that I can tell you that you will soon see your reddit post on the frontpage on your subreddit, or even the front page of Reddit! Now reaching the front page of Reddit is something that is VERY hard to achieve, and is something that most people will never achieve. Now I have once been top 5 on the Reddit frontpage, and I can tell you: Most sites that reach the frontpage of Reddit start crashing, because they are not used to this huge amounts of traffic. The other day I was looking for a Playstation 4 Jailbreak that was working, and I actually managed to find one out there. All this because of Reddit.

Are democracy ruled sites the way to go on the Internet?

We hear and see it more and more nowadays. We hear that democracy is a good way to establish communities. The key to this is that everyone has their input and can change things. Instead of just being a few people that can rule. Now this is generally really strong for ruling countries, and ever since democracy has become a popular part of european countries, the amount of war activity has vastly decreased in european countries. So the question is just, are these democracy systems supposed to be on websites? And I would like to say that I do not believe all pages should use this, but for the most part, this really makes up for a strong community where everyone feel like they can change something.

Will The Witcher 3 Ever Be Released

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The witcher 3

As GameSpot says in this article, The Witcher 3 release date has been delayed once again! Several months after the deveolopers promised the deadlines would not be pushed further.

The witcher 3

I there is nothing I hate more than when deveolopers decide to postphone their game releases. We as gamers sit here so hyped and ready to play the game. However, the deveolopers have not released the material. I know several friends of mine that were planning a overnighter where they were supposed to only play The Withcer 3 in the hunt of becoming one of the top ranked players. However, this does not seem like it will be a responsibiliity. I have even heard so far that several people had booked a whole month off just to play this fantastic and spicy new upcoming game. BUT, they sadly wasted this one week, and will be working at their jobs at the release of the Witcher.

Will this reduce the playerbase?

Well sometimes we have seen it where games seemed to reach more hype after seeing these kind of bad news. It is incredible, isn’t it? – Well now that we think of it the games actually gain more hype and more people notice it when it is being mentioned everywhere in the news. So some conspiracies actually believe that they postphoned the game just to get some more players and money out of it.

What is your opinion?

STEAM – Genius or Gaming Killer

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I have a couple of times in my blog posts already written what I think about it when  1 game deveoloper, or one company rules against the other, and in that way has no competition in the end. This is exactly how I feel about Steam today. I really think that the idea behind Steam is wonderful, and to be honest there is a reason why they are dominating the market within their niche. The one thing that just annoys me about it is that they do not have enough competitors. And if we analyze the changes of the Steam gaming platform 2 years back til now, we can obviously see how this has went. There have been close to no new inventions for the Steam platform, and this is a huge issue in my opinion. This is honestly pretty smart of them because they have a succesfull business up and running, so why work towards something new?

Comeon Ubisoft!


Yes, you might not believe this, but there are in fact competitors against Steam. One of them is Origin. It origined and was created by ea sports who are the deveolopers of a lot of games, and are the creators behind the popular football Fifa series. So tthey do not give enough competition to Steam. Now why is this?  This solely comes down to their bad way to drive business, Origin has horrible support, and why should you even bother getting Origin when Steam has all the good games. So what comes to my conclusion is that those big game deveolopers cannot be beaten. A big phenomen would have to occur in order for this to happen.

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Social Wars The Best Facebook Game Of All Time

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I have been trying out a lot of Facebook games lately to try and find one that livs up to my quality requirements. I tried Ninja Wars, Candy crush and so many more but the honest truth is just that they suck. I honestly did not like them that much, so I decided to try out a game that my friend had suggested me. I did not really wanna try it at first, because it honestly looked quite so crappy. But nevertheless I ended up trying it out, and I gotta be honest: I totally enjoy the game. It is called Social Wars, and is a sandbox game where you have endless possibilites, and so many options to become one of the best. Just imagine yourself clash of clans but with so many more epic features, and you will not have to spend as much time as you usually would.

The Social Wars Gameplay

I think the gameplay is quite so different from so many other games. I am not completely sure if Social Wars is a MMORPG or a real game. But nevertheless, the game is amazing. I just sat there for hours and before I knew, I had been there for a very long time. I was so interested in the game that I even forgot giving food to my cat. The gameplay is about you as a warrior that has to defend your base and expand as much as you can, you will then have to go for the enemies. Now when you get to them, you have to slaughter them like good old times. However, the process can take a very long time, so I managed to find something that makes everything so much more faster and smooth. It is called a game tool for Social Wars. I use this one tool for Social Wars, It allows me to get Social Wars resources. You can check it out here: Social Wars Cheat.

Only Gamers Will Know

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I myself have a girlfriend, and it really makes me laugh when I find some things funny when she doesn’t really get what I am laughing at. It reminded me that sometimes there are just things that only us gamers really understand. This can be seen in the video I have attached below.

Never Get Disconnected Again – Get Rid Of DDOS Issues

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We have all tired it, haven’t we We play our favorite video games, when all of a sudden things start to freeze. No matter how much you click on the screen, your game charcter will not move. Then finally after half a minute, something seems to happen. You get met with the usual You have been disconnected to the game, please try reconning. The most annoying thing about this situation is that you have nothing to do in order to prevent this once it has happened. The hacker knows your IP address, and he can potentially fry your internet for weeks. Sometimes, calling the ISP provider can be a fix to this problem, but then there are also those ISP’s that just do not seem to do as you want, and will not change your ip for you. Now this means that you will sit there, and not be able to use the internet. In 2014, this is a very big issue, since you cannot really have a normal day without being connected to various websites. So question is how do we get along with this Are we just supposed to accept it as it is, or actually do something about it


Well let me tell you that there are hundreds of companies, citizen, gamers and normal people like you, that suffer from this every second. And yes, there is in fact various solutions to your problem. So in order to prevent DDOS attacks, we need to hide our IP addresses as much as possible. There are hundreds of programs that leak your IP without knowledge. For example Skype. Skype is the most common reason for hackers getting acces to your IP address. It is a very popular communication program, but with use of a simple website, hackers can discover your IP address in just a few seconds. So all it takes for them to break your connection is your IP address.
h2How to succesfully hide your IPh2
There are many ways to go around hiding your IP however, my favorite one is the use of proxies. You can get proxies from www.buyproxies.org, which is my favorite place to get them. Below I have created a little step to step guide, on how to get started with hiding your IP address from greedy hackers.

  1. Buy a proxy
  2. Locate the programs that make use of your IP
  3. Insert your proxy into your program
  4. Succes!

And there you just see how easy it can be to avoid getting ddosed, and what it takes to make your internet experience much more stable and smooth.



What I Think About Farming Simulator

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Farming simulator

It is finally here, and I am so happy to say that I can sit here and play Farming Simulator. I have been hyped for this game for months, and trust me. Now that I sit and play it, I am not dissapointed, and it was definitely worth the wait. There is no doubt that Farming Simulator 2014 was a joke, and a let down from the developers site, but they have really taken their slap, and improved their game a lot. There are whole new mechanics implented into the game, and there are so much new and fresh c0ntent just waiting to be discvoered. I spent 55 hours on this game already, and I can say that I have only have completed 56% of the game. So there is definitely a lot left, and I cannot wait to get back to it. What really impress me is their whole new graphics engine. When I first saw these new graphics I was paralyzed. It looked so good that I could not believe my own eyes.

Farming simulator

How I got my Farming Simulator For Free

The game is pretty expensive on Steam, and I must say that I was not wanting to invest that much into a game where the previous game was a disaster, so therefore I decided to get it for free. It was actually easy, because a mate of mine hooked me up with this website called, Farming Simulator 2015 Free Download it worked pretty smooth for me, and I must admit that I was pretty surprised that it actually worked out as it did.


My take on Garry’s Mod

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Garry's Mod

Hello guys. Well today, I thought that I wanted to do something different. I have decided to try out a video game that is a sandbox. I do realize that this is not something that I would usually do, and many of you guys have heard and seen what I think about sandbox games. Yes, they are not usually, what I like, but I hope that Garry’s mod can change that. As of right now, I have very big expectations for what this game will bring. I have heard from countless friends that this game is supposed to be the game of the year, and will make me feel great. However, I as a game reviewer am very criticizing in the aspect that I sometimes cannot sit there and enjoy the video game, but instead start focusing on how “bad” that specific game is. Now, that is not something that feels very nice to do while you are in the middle of a game, which is one of the things that I am working strictly on. For this test I am using the Garry’s Mod free download tool that is developed by a group of people that are very good in the programming scene.

My humble opinion

To be honest I gotta say that the game blew all my expectations. Garry’s Mod is really amazing, and I just had such a fun time playing Garry’s mod with my friends and I. I really think that this game has sparkled up my day and I can now finally enjoy gaming again. Just a huge thumbs up for this game, and I think I will recommend all my friends to go ahead and buy the game. You can do everything from one vs all, to creative building. Which brings me to the fact that Garry’s mod reminds me a LOT about Minecraft. Now I think that this is a very nice thing, because they are almost equal games, and then again they aren’t. If I had to choose between Garry’s Mod and Minecraft It would be very hard. I honestly, cannot imagine having to choose from my two “babies”, however I do prefer Garry’s mod. Simply, because it is easier to code new plugins and extensions to, compared to how hard it is to learn Java, to start creating your own minecraft stuff. So overall this game is really something that I can recommend, and I would pick this game over all the ones that I have reviewed so far. Garry’s Mod is simply one of the best video games that are released in 2014

Make your PLaystation 4 SHINE

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Hi there folks. me and Matt decided to sit down in a Skype chat where we both came to an agreement that there needed to be many more ways to make your Playstation 4 look better. We have tried everything from jailbreaking to buying some premium themes, but none of them really seemed to fascinate us at all. If you are like us and haven’t really made your playstation stand out yet then I want you to go ahead and do it. You really should.

Having a decent theme is key

I cannot stress this enough, that a proffesional playstation 4 theme is crucial. I have been trying a different forums and even went ahead and tired creating my own to see if I could come up with something that was decent. However, the results didn’t go as I wanted them to and most results were really poor and not satisfying AT ALL. 

However, after going through countless of small forums I finally stepped by one that was really good. It is called PS4 Themes Portal and you can get awesome and epic themes from there. I personally use the aquantic theme from them, and it has been a very good use for me.

Playstation 4 theme